Presentaciones de Virus Bulletin 2013

octubre 22, 2013 § Deja un comentario

El pasado 2 al 4 de octubre se celebró en Berlín otra conferencia sobre seguridad informática enfocada más al tema del malware: VB2013 – Virus Bulletin 2013 (no, no es Visual Basic!). Esta es la 23 edición de esta conferencia.
Las presentaciones que se dieron ya están disponibles para descarga. La lista es la siguiente
Corporate stream

  • Andreas Lindh (‘Surviving 0-days – reducing the window of exposure’)
  • Sabina Datcu (‘Targeted social engineering attacks. Sensitive information, from a theoretical concept to a culturally defined notion’)
  • Michael Johnson (‘Make it tight, protect with might, and try not to hurt anyone’)
  • Randy Abrams & Ilya Rabinovich (‘Windows 8 SmartScreen application control – what more could you ask for?’)
  • Axelle Apvrille (‘Analysis of Android in-app advertisement kits’)
  • Vanja Svajcer (‘Classifying PUAs in the mobile environment’)
  • Roman Unuchek (‘Malicious redirection of mobile users’)
  • Craig Schmugar (‘Real-world testin target=”_blank”g, the good, the bad, and the ugly’)
  • Ciprian Oprisa & George Cabau (‘The ransomware strikes back’)
  • Jarno Niemela (‘Statistically effective protection against APT attacks’)
  • Sergey Golovanov (‘Hacking Team and Gamma International in “business-to-government malware”‘)

Technical stream

  • Carsten Willems & Ralf Hund (‘Hypervisor-based, hardware-assisted system monitoring’)
  • James Wyke (‘Back channels and bitcoins: ZeroAccess’ secret C&C communications’)
  • Xinran Wang (‘An automatic analysis and detection tool for Java exploits’)
  • Rowland Yu (‘GinMaster: a case study in Android malware’)
  • Samir Mody (‘”I am not the D’r.0,1d you are looking for”: an analysis of Android malware obfuscation’)
  • Farrukh Shazad (‘The Droid Knight: a silent guardian for the Android kernel, hunting for rogue smartphone malware applications’)
  • Fabio Assolini (‘PAC – the Problem Auto-Config (or “how to steal bank accounts with a 1KB file”)’)
  • Samir Patil (‘Deciphering and mitigating Blackhole spam from email-borne threats’)
  • Evgeny Sidorov (‘Embedding malware on websites using executable webserver files’)
  • Amr Thabet (‘Security research and development framework’)

‘Last-minute’ technical papers

Fuente: CyberHades



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